It is a fact that we are going to age ... unless we don't.

It is a fact that we will age ... unless we don't. If you aren't aging, chances are you aren't reading so I'm not writing to you. But the rest of us are aging. And at differing rates, we are gaining wisdom and grandchildren, loosing debt, muscle mass, and hair. We are gaining funny stories and age spots, loosing elasticity and self-absorption. Aging is something we can fear or something we can embrace. I'm going to embrace it! I'm going to find humor in the funny parts and I'm going to work to work the inevitable to my advantage. I'm going to consider laugh lines my badge and bifocals my trophy. The topics I cover here are my tools to achieving the best life I can have with my over 45 self. Join me in Aging with Ambition.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Come on ... it's the game of aging, not game over!

There is a lot of good to be said about aging. Speaking from personal experience, I like to think I'm much more wise than I was just 10 years ago. I am more likely to have an umbrella with me when it rains, more likely to travel the proper distance from the vehicle in front of me, and more likely to go to bed early when the morning promises to bring big day. I'm also much less interested in competing with my peers, keeping up with the Jones', or impressing total strangers.

And humor! Aging, and the things that come with it it, are many times downright funny! If you had seen my husband and me at Wal*mart today combining our skills to figure out which battery we needed from the computer screen in the automobile department, you too would see the humor in aging! (If you are interested, my eyes are better than his but only when I take off (?) my glasses.)

So, I know I'm getting older. Those of you over 50 may think I'm silly to be thinking about that now but, at 47, I am working to make my years spent on the other side of the hill better than any I experiences prior.

Join me as I chronicle my journey, as I make my decisions, as I discover the secrets to Aging Out Loud!

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